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Category — How-To

10 Tips to Success In Your Studies and School

Yes, I know most of us are off to enjoy the summer. But what about the future in your studies? So out of my boredom (yeah, I’m bored already)… I compiled a list of what you could do… Preparation and practice is essential in learning. This obviously helps always we all know the saying goes [...]

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Building a DIY “Fly” Plane (literally)

That’s right! A airplane solely powered by bugs, and in theory should work. This is great amazing experiment, that somebody has actually attempted!… So while surfing the Internet, I came across this interesting project. I thought, “Cool!” Well, here were the instructions I had came upon… As you can see, it seems somewhat plausible. And [...]


How to Get Rid of Telemarketers – On the Phone, and At the Door

We all hate them… Don’t we? After all, these telemarketers (or door-to-door salesmen)  are bugging us day after day! Here are some great suggestions to keep them away(with the assistance of my buddies)… First of all, I am going to suggest how to be rid them at the door. Pretend you don’t speak their language [...]

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