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Category — Web 2.0

Watch Star Wars in ASCII Text Via Telnet with Terminal, CMD

Watching Star Wars in ASCII text via telnet is probably one of the oldest tricks on the net. But not everybody may know about this “free television in your computer”. That is why today, I am going to show you how to watch Star Wars in text. Using Windows Operating System: Click Start Icon Choose [...]

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Apple’s New Secret Line of “I” Products

Just a little comical writing for those Apple haters and lovers alike on the “new secret line of I products”. The I-lose Yes, you own all the fancy new Apple toys. But you only use them to impress friends and strangers, fact is, you are probably too ignorant. So why not confirm it with the [...]

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More Websites to Watch TV Online for Free Part 2

So after posting “Watch TV shows Free Online” recently, a reader suggested posting two more very useful sites that allow you to watch your favorite TV shows. FreeTube allows you to watch TV channels via a flash player interface. It is a good site to watch TV Channels where there is nothing on TV or [...]

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