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Some of The Top Mac Apps for An Incredible Price!

Top Mac Apps

Today, I bring you a great offer from one of the top mac application bundlers…

Bundler of “World of Goo”,¬† MacHeist, is releasing its third bundle of Mac applications. For outstanding price of $39 you get 12 apps valued over $980.70! Please note that these are apps with extraordianry quality. Anyways, I have compiled a review for the 12 apps in MacHeist’s third bundle.

  • iSale
  • A great way to start and track eBay auctions. I personally do not use it, but anybody who’s new to eBay will have a greater experience using it.

  • Picturesque
  • A drag and drop photo editing tool. To beautify photos. To be honest, I do not use this too, as Photoshop has more features.

  • SousChef
  • An app to help you cook. Well, I don’t care about about cooking! Oh well, at least it’s free.

  • World of Goo
  • One of the most addicting games ever! A great “engineering” type game with strategy. Whenever I have free time, that is what I play.

  • PhoneView
  • For use with your iPod touch or iPhone, this is one of the apps I don’t even care about. First of all, I don’t have one of those touch screen players! And you all know, it’s too expensive!!!

  • LittleSnapper
  • This app is like Snap it, a screen shot utility for windows. It essentially takes snap shots of your screen and saves it to your specified location. Too bad I use Command-Shift-3.

  • Acorn
  • Another Photoshop “like” app. Except this one is better than Picturesque. Simply because it has flood fill, gradients, vector shapes, drawing and erasing tools, and a whole lot more features.

  • Kinemac
  • Now this is one of the apps that I think is completely worth it! Valued at $300, this app provides real time 3D animation. A great tool to create quicktime movies. This is a tool that is better than 3ds Max, in my opinion.

  • WireTap Studio
  • An easy to use professional sound recording tool. I believe that Fruity Loops, on windows is better. But nonetheless, a great tool for the price!

  • BoinxTV
  • An app that turns you Mac into a TV studio. No, you didn’t hear that wrong! A pretty cool app that can broadcast live all over the internet. Great for anybody looking into producing podcasts.

  • The Hit List
  • A boring app to keep track of what you need to do. A PDA is what you need my friend, nothing else.

  • Espresso
  • A great web coding tool. This app is very slick, compared to Dreamweaver. With live preview for CSS, you can’t go wrong with this app!

    Though there may be shareware apps in this bundle, this is well worth more than what you pay. MacHeist has done a great job in bundling these Mac apps, and I would recommend this bundle anytime to any Mac user!

    Note: The Hit List, and Espresso are not unlocked so far (at the time of this post), as soon as more people buy the bundles, the apps will be unlocked. Also, 25% of profits are going to charity (according to MacHeist). There also is twitter offer that may be still active. If you follow them, you will get Delicious Library, and Multiwinia by Ambrosia for free! (more details here)

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