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Don’t Break the Bank Yet: Nintendo Wii Price Cut Rumored

Best Buy Wii

Still not confirmed yet, but those of you looking to buy a Nintendo Wii, just wait a little while more. The Best Buy advertisement says it all, for $200 USD you can get a Nintendo Wii. And those canucks out there, probably around $230 CDN you can get a Nintendo Wii. Not bad considering you can get another game like Wii Sports Resort.

From Kotaku:

Toys R Us Wii

Last week, we got a peek at an alleged upcoming Walmart ad that indicated an official price drop would be coming to the Wii. Today, it appears that retailer Toys R Us may have heard the same thing.

The ad is purportedly from the end of September, due to hit the week of the 27th according to the tipster that forwarded a shot our way.

Now how can Nintendo afford this price cut? Let’s go see based on the component makeup:

  • Graphics – 25.00
  • CPU – 13.00
  • DRAM – 7.00
  • Optical Disk Drive – 20.00
  • Power Supply – 10.00
  • Manufacturing – 20.00

Total cost: 95.00
Wholesale Price: 150.00

Nintendo is making a killing unlike their competitors. With the price cut, I guess this will boost sales even more. Especially when parents are looking at consoles for the holiday season.

[Best Buy Photo Courtesy of Kotaku]

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