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Building a DIY “Fly” Plane (literally)

Wasp Plane

That’s right! A airplane solely powered by bugs, and in theory should work. This is great amazing experiment, that somebody has actually attempted!…

So while surfing the Internet, I came across this interesting project. I thought, “Cool!” Well, here were the instructions I had came upon…

Fly Plane Instructions

As you can see, it seems somewhat plausible. And after further research, I read up on how someone attempted it. I guess I can sum this up in my post…

Well, the first did not work with flies. So another attempt took place with wasps.. That too did not work. There was also an explanation of why it might of not worked, “I’ve gotten several emails explaining why the insects won’t fly. Apparently when their legs are touching something, it suppresses their urge to fly. If they are glued by their body segments instead, it simulates falling through the air, triggering the flight reflex. Thus they start beating their wings. Unfortunately, this being the middle of winter, there are very few insects to be found. I’ll repeat my experiment once again in the spring.”

So I guess in turn it never worked so well. But if you’d like to check out how the experiment went, click here.

Now for those that prefer to use kits over DIY models… They are actually available online (Fly Power) (I went WOW too)! I guess this for those that are not handy!

There are no animal rights on insects (free engine slave labor), so try it out sometime. And please, share your results I’m sure the comments are working. :D

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    Just vaguely disturbing?

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