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How to Get Rid of Telemarketers – On the Phone, and At the Door


We all hate them… Don’t we? After all, these telemarketers (or door-to-door salesmen)  are bugging us day after day! Here are some great suggestions to keep them away(with the assistance of my buddies)…

First of all, I am going to suggest how to be rid them at the door.

  • Pretend you don’t speak their language

Usually keeps most away. Because this usually means, no sale today.  If they start speaking to you in the language you speak, why not create you own language? Then nobody would understand!

  • Do not answer them at the door, use your peephole or look out the window (duh)

While your at it, why not add a nice wave. I’m very sure they will just leave. If not, their probably not smart enough to understand you don’t want them.

  • Answer the door completely nude (not suggested)

Show your scrawny skinny body, they will probably freak on you! But then again, they might be back to sell you enhancement products.

  • Start screaming at them

Express the anger inside you. Rage at them, and save you cheerful self for your close friends or family!

  • Answer the door while sharpening kitchen knives or polishing swords and fireplace tools

Great way to scare the living … out of them. A guarantee that they will take a mental note not to come again.

  • Say “not interested”  (double duh)

The most commonly used way to get rid of telemarketers. If you haven’t tried, you should.

  • Add a “Beware of Dog” sign to your door, and blast some angry dog noises in the house

Another great way to make them never come back. They should be scared, after they have heard what happens when your dogs sense company.

  • Mess with the telemarketers

How about repeating what they say? Or better yet, start asking about that pair of magic underwear!

Now, about those phone calls…

  • Pretend you don’t speak their language yet again

Works most of the time, they’ll add you to the do not call list (or so they say). A great way to mess with them on the phone!

  • Use caller ID and don’t answer (obviously…)

If you don’t have caller ID, then you should get it. Something that will guarantee a way not to pick up most telemarketer calls.

  • Start yelling at them

Let it out now, and have a brighter day! A great way to bring up a bad day (or so I may think).

  • Say “not interested”

Works most of the time. But they might call you again…

  • Hang up if you accidentally pick up

Gives them a “clear” message not interested, and do not call again!

A device used to filter out telemarketer calls. One of the best little ingenious devices ever invented.

  • Mess with them again

There are a lot of people messing with them. Just check out YouTube for some videos… they’re pretty funny too.

Now let’s go roll the Seinfeld clip… 3… 2… 1…

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Feel free to try any of these methods on telemarketers! I have tried a ton of these myself. Now, if you’d like, please do not feel obligated to comment about what you did!

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