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How to Change and Customize Macintosh Icons

Macintosh Icons

Macintosh icons help display a specific image so you may determine what program to open.  Changing and customizing the icons of your dock, programs, folders, documents and anything else is quite simple on a Macintosh computer.

How to change and customize an item’s icon to another one:

  1. Click on the icon that you would like to use in place of the original icon.
  2. At the top bar, click on File and choose Get Info or press Command-I on your keyboard or CTRL-Click and choose Get Info  to open the information window.
  3. In the information window, select the icon in the top-left corner of the information window.
  4. Once again at the top bar, click on Edit and choose Copy or press Command-C.
  5. Now select the icon that you would like to replace.
  6. From the top bar, click on File and choose Get Info or CTRL-Click and choose Get Info or press Command-I on your keyboard to open the information window.
  7. Click the icon in the top-left corner in the information window.
  8. Now at the top bar, choose the Edit menu and click on Paste or press Command-V on you keyboard to replace the icon

Now that you have changed your icon, sit back and enjoy your good work!

Note: You may obtain cool icons from Icon Archive . And if you do not want to do all this work, there is an easier way! You can use applications like LiteIcon (free) or Candybar (paid).

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New Design

New Design

Welcome to the new design of Kalvster Dot Com. As you may have noticed, there were many drastic improvements. Feel free to take a look around and tell me what you think in the comments. :D Anyhow, here are the highlights of the new changes to this website.

Cleaner Looking Style

Yes,  no more slow loading images and scripts. This website is now mostly based on CSS; no more slow loading times!

More Full Articles

That’s right, the excerpts will now be longer when browsing through the index page. Gives a better taste so you can decide to read it or not.

New Logo

Mini Kalvster

I thought my logo should resemble my name more…so I created another one!

No more Lijit search

I found this search plug-in to be highly inefficient. It slowed down the loading time of the website, so I uninstalled it. For now, the default search engine for the website will be used.

Better Mobile Blog

My mobile blog before did not have any pages, but now the pages of my blog can be viewed in mobile too.

That’s all for now. Just thought I would explain what changes there were. :)

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10 Tips to Success In Your Studies and School

Tips to Success

Yes, I know most of us are off to enjoy the summer. But what about the future in your studies? So out of my boredom (yeah, I’m bored already)… I compiled a list of what you could do…

  1. Preparation and practice is essential in learning.
  2. This obviously helps always we all know the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”.

  3. Do not let your self-defeating behavior overcome you.
  4. So let’s go say you don’t want to study. Do not let that attitude overcome you that is what leads to failure.

  5. Keep track of what you have learned.
  6. Write and keep notes in organized sections so that you may go back to them for studying.

  7. Review! Review! Review! That is how you memorize and retain information to learn and understand.
  8. Seriously! The more you see it, the more likely you will memorize it. Helping you succeed in exams.

  9. Weren’t paying attention or was absent? Catch up what you have missed so you will have the information to pass.
  10. Yeah, once again be sure to have your notes! Notes are the best things to study from for exams because they are a summary of what you have learned.

  11. Create a good study environment that is distraction free.
  12. Let’s go see, if you have a TV playing in front of you. What are you more inclined to pay attention to? The TV (obviously), so get rid of those distractions to concentrate.

[

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