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It’s Been A While

Been a While

Hey World! Yes… I know its been a while since creating another post for this blog (micro-blogging was easier on my schedule; Twitter) but so much has happened in the last month…

Studying for finals has eaten up a lot of my time so now that I am finally done (Yipee!), let’s go see what has happened in this world…

  • Michael Jackson is dead
  • A sad thing to hear; he was one of the best singers ever to live. No matter what he has done, we should remember him for his amazing voice.

  • Billy Mays is dead
  • What is happening to this world? Billy Mays (the pitchman of OxiClean) had died unexpectedly in his house. We will remember his talent of pitching anything.

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  • Billions of more netbooks (“mini laptops”) have come out
  • Seriously! Look how many there are, like a few new models coming out every week. I’m starting to think the the general population thinks netbooks are replacements for desktops.

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    The Lady or The Tiger?: Summary, Ending, Conclusion

    The Lady or The Tiger?

    Well I recently got an assignment to write the conclusion… Unfortunately my instructor did not enjoy my comical writing of the ending (summary, conclusion). But I thought I would share it with the world wide web anyways (I thought it was pretty funny).

    Okay so here it is. I wrote it two pages long, and it took a lot of my time. But nonetheless I had fun. :D   If your looking for the story which leads to the reader to decide the decision, click here.

    For those who have ever read “The Lady or The Tiger,” they do not know what happens to the fine young man. The finest detail, the ending had been excluded. But there were other details one may not know of, such as perhaps why the strange tarp was covering a part of the wall. Or why the time equilibrium had caused a slight confusion of when the story had happened. These were details where the author had failed to include because of intimidating pressures through the time equilibrium.

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    Building a DIY “Fly” Plane (literally)

    Wasp Plane

    That’s right! A airplane solely powered by bugs, and in theory should work. This is great amazing experiment, that somebody has actually attempted!…

    So while surfing the Internet, I came across this interesting project. I thought, “Cool!” Well, here were the instructions I had came upon…

    Fly Plane Instructions

    As you can see, it seems somewhat plausible. And after further research, I read up on how someone attempted it. I guess I can sum this up in my post…

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