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Some of The Greatest Top Social Networking Sites

Top Social Networking Sites

With the ever growing community of social networking, I thought a review would help in your “signing-up” with these sites…

Personally, I only select a few social networks to connect. Simply because sharing personal information is not my thing. :P Well, here is my review (*rant*) on these social networks.

  • Twitter

A micro-blogging service that has created the zombies (“twitterholics“) of this world. Filled with spammers and such, definitely not for personal relationships. Anyways, I like twitter becuase I can tell people of what I’m doing on the computer.

  • Facebook

One of those sites that gets a lot of hype and controversy. But Facebook too cannot be deemed for personal relationships (in my opinion), it’s just too public. I use Facebook specifically for connecting with people and telling them about what I’m doing like Twitter.

  • StumbleUpon

Haven’t used this much… but basically it’s a online community that allows you to find and rate websites. Pretty straight forward and easy to use.

  • Digg

Like StumbleUpon, another community where you can find and rate websites. I personally think that this is better than StumbleUpon (but that’s just me).

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Hot Deal for Old Navy – 50% Off

Hot Deal Old Navy

What is it with me? Am I deal obsessed? Well again today, I have found another hot deal! …

Old Navy now has a coupon site with coupons as “Easter eggs”. It is  updated every week here. Well anyways, I have currently found 2 “Easter eggs”.

  • For a 50% off one item coupon,  vote on each of the legs in the middle (click the stars to vote). After you have, a kite will fly from the left to right behind the mannequins, click on the kite.
  • For a 40% off coupon, click on the food that is cooking on the grill and after that click on the steam.

If you are still having trouble, I have posted the coupons. These are NOT UNIQUE.

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Some of The Top Mac Apps for An Incredible Price!

Top Mac Apps

Today, I bring you a great offer from one of the top mac application bundlers…

Bundler of “World of Goo”,  MacHeist, is releasing its third bundle of Mac applications. For outstanding price of $39 you get 12 apps valued over $980.70! Please note that these are apps with extraordianry quality. Anyways, I have compiled a review for the 12 apps in MacHeist’s third bundle.

  • iSale
  • A great way to start and track eBay auctions. I personally do not use it, but anybody who’s new to eBay will have a greater experience using it.

  • Picturesque
  • A drag and drop photo editing tool. To beautify photos. To be honest, I do not use this too, as Photoshop has more features.

  • SousChef
  • An app to help you cook. Well, I don’t care about about cooking! Oh well, at least it’s free.

  • World of Goo
  • One of the most addicting games ever! A great “engineering” type game with strategy. Whenever I have free time, that is what I play.

  • PhoneView
  • For use with your iPod touch or iPhone, this is one of the apps I don’t even care about. First of all, I don’t have one of those touch screen players! And you all know, it’s too expensive!!!

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