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ClickHeat for WordPress (Free

Free crazyegg

Services like may cost you a fortune. But what if there was a open source script similar to crazyegg? brings the solution…

I myself, am very curious to determine where my visitors are clicking. So I found ClickHeat, which is an easy to install and use tool for your website. ClickHeat creates a heat map to where your users click, just like crazyegg. Now, what if you wanted to install it onto Word Press? Well a plugin I found also brings the convenience of an automatic integration to WordPress.

Download Plugin Here

The installation of the plugin is pretty much dummy proof.

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Collection of Must Have Top WordPress Plugins

So today, I installed a plethora of Word Press plug-ins — After going through pages and pages to determine the ones I would like. Now, you may have been wondering what they are…

This is one the best spam blockers for Word Press. It filters out all that useless advertisement comments, we all hate!

Helps you dominate the world! – Well almost, this helps you optimize your Word Press posts, pages, etc. to bring up a higher ranking in search engines.

A great way for your readers to contact you. This contact form has a CAPTCHA with the feature of using reCAPTCHA. A must have for anybody who would like a way for somebody to contact you without disclosing your e-mail.

This helps me execute code in my sidebar. I am currently using it to display the MyBlogLog widget as you can see on the side. This also allows you to execute html too.

A modified version from FeedBurner of the original FeedSmith plug-in. This allows you to override your current Word Press feed to your FeedBurner feed.

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Welcome to Kalvster Dot Com

Welcome to my new website! After leaving this domain name empty, I thought I would put some content in ;) . After all, a WordPress installation only takes 5 minutes!

Anyways, my focus so far is write tip guides, HOWTOs, reviews, and resources about technology and computers. I will also help people that have questions relating to computers and technology. Though it may change, if  I feel the need to shift topics.

Now, I’m pretty sure the comments are open! So why not comment?

tip guides, help, how to, reviews, and resources

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