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Hotfile Free Premium Links Generators

So we all know bypassing Hotfile’s wait time is not possible anymore. That is why the only free alternative way now is to use Hotfile premium link generators. So here are the generators I found.
I would say the best site for limits because you can download as much as 100 downloads per day. only gives you 3 downloads. But hey, it’s free!
A simple generator that relies on donations and does not require CAPTCHA. Though wait times can sometimes be long.

The server of takes awhile to retrieve the file. But it works nonetheless.

Update: So only three of them work now. I will try to find more when I have time and make a new post!

I thought I would share these generators like I have done for Megaupload, and Rapidshare. And if some generators are not working, please comment and I’ll update the article.


How to Connect a Macintosh Computer to a SMARTBoard

Connecting a Macintosh computer to a SMARTBoard is quite simple. All you need is the right materials, and some time to follow these instructions.

Connect Macintosh to SMARTBoard

[


Get World of Goo for As Little As a Penny

An amazing deal! For as little as a penny, you can get World of Goo. This is one of the best puzzle/construction games ever available on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac).

World of Goo Birthday

As you can see, you pay as much as you think its worth. Meaning that you can pay a measly penny for the game. A hot deal especially when your supporting 2D Boy, a small game developing company.

Now how would 2D Boy profit? If everybody paid a penny and there were a million people, that would equal $10,000. Not bad considering they get publicity with it.

The offer for World of Goo ends October 19. So click here to go to the World of Goo page to get it for a penny or more!

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