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M3DS Simply/R4 DS Firmware Update

We all know firmware updates for the M3DS Simple/R4 DS were stopped.  So that means there are compatibility problems for games and homebrew. But there is one solution you may have not heard of.

Top Toy DS User Interface Firmware

The solution is installing a hacked TTDS firmware called YSMenu made to work on the R4/M3DS Simply by a very talented programmer named Yasu. The only downside so far is no soft reset. But who cares when more homebrew and games can be used!

Now how do you install YSMenu? Follow the guide (click here) provided by GBATemp, and you should be well on your way.

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Watch Star Wars in ASCII Text Via Telnet with Terminal, CMD

Watching Star Wars in ASCII text via telnet is probably one of the oldest tricks on the net. But not everybody may know about this “free television in your computer”. That is why today, I am going to show you how to watch Star Wars in text.

Telnet Star Wars Terminal

Using Windows Operating System:

  1. Click Start Icon
  2. Choose run and type cmd and press enter
  3. Now type telnet and press enter
  4. Wait for it to load and enjoy!

Using Macintosh Operating System:

  1. Go to your applications folder, open the Utilities folder, and then double click on terminal
  2. Now type telnet and press enter
  3. Star Wars should load after a few moments, sit back and relax!

Using Linux or Unix:

  1. Open your terminal in linux or unix
  2. Use the command telnet
  3. Sit back and enjoy

And for those of you who can still not get it working, you are in luck. You can use the browser website version here (click here).

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Apple’s New Secret Line of “I” Products

Just a little comical writing for those Apple haters and lovers alike on the “new secret line of I products”.

The I-lose
Yes, you own all the fancy new Apple toys. But you only use them to impress friends and strangers, fact is, you are probably too ignorant. So why not confirm it with the all new I-lose. Make a statement to the world that you do indeed… lose!

The I-Guess
Exactly like a “Magic 8-Ball” but is labeled with an Apple logo to show off. The I-Guess helps you make decisions of what to do. But be warned, Apple will say “yes” to all your Apple related purchases, and “no” to their competitor purchases.

The I-Love-U
Does everyone hate you because of all the pointless expensive Apple products you own? Well, help is at hand with this device. It will talk to you in a positive attitude.

For example…

Apple loves you because of your Apple purchases! Especially if you own the new I-lose! You help us dominate market shares.

Yes… a positive spirit! But you may also note, it contains a sensor to check your credit rating. The higher your credit rating, the more it speaks to you (to persuade you to buy more)!

The I-Copy
Cannot afford an Apple product at all? Then buy this very cheap “made in China” junk with a counterfeit Apple logo on it. You can fool your friends! And even though it was intended to only last as long as it took you to walk out the shop, in reality it actually lasts longer than a real Apple product!

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