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Get the Top Mac Apps for Free

Last time I brought you “Some of The Top Mac Apps for An Incredible Price!“. Today, MacHeist has released a new nanoBundle that have some of the Top Mac Apps for free! The applications in the bundle in my opinion are absolutely worth downloading. ShoveBox One of those good applications to keep tidbits of information. [...]

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Apple’s New Secret Line of “I” Products

Just a little comical writing for those Apple haters and lovers alike on the “new secret line of I products”. The I-lose Yes, you own all the fancy new Apple toys. But you only use them to impress friends and strangers, fact is, you are probably too ignorant. So why not confirm it with the [...]

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The Top Ultimate and Best Media Player for Mac

Finding the ultimate multimedia player that can play all files without a codec can be a pain, especially in Mac OS X.  But all your problems are solved with Plex. This fully featured multimedia player can play any file you through at it and can replace your front row. Also, it seamlessly synchronizes and connects [...]