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How to Download Singstar Songs from the UK Singstore

Universal Music Group had recently come to agreement to sell its songs on the UK/EU Singstore. But unfortunately, this will be unlikely extended to the US Sony American Singstore. So how can you download those Singstar songs from the EU/UK Singstore to use on your American PlayStation? Materials required: Sony Playstation 3 Singstar PS3 UK [...]

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Download YouTube Videos as MP3 Songs

YouTube has good music videos, comedy acts, and more. But you cannot listen to them on your iPod or any other device. Well, today I bring you the solution to download YouTube videos as MP3 songs. Now using these websites, you just need to enter a YouTube video address and wait for it to download [...]


How to Save and Download MP3 Files in Macintosh Safari

Lots of people have been asking me how to save and download MP3 files in Macintosh Safari. When you open an MP3 file in Safari, you cannot go to the file in the top bar and save as. Instead, Apple has made this a complicated thing! So there are three ways to save and download [...]