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More Websites to Watch TV Online for Free Part 2

So after posting “Watch TV shows Free Online” recently, a reader suggested posting two more very useful sites that allow you to watch your favorite TV shows. FreeTube allows you to watch TV channels via a flash player interface. It is a good site to watch TV Channels where there is nothing on TV or [...]

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How-To Analyze & Scan Suspicious Downloaded Files

Ever wonder if you have downloaded an infected file by accident? Well today, I am going to show you how to analyze and scan suspicious downloaded files online for free without any software. VirusTotal can help you scan files you upload to them. The interface is pretty dummy proof so I won’t explain how to [...]

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How-To Make Your PC Clean, Fast, and More Efficient

Hey everyone! For a while now I have been using a nifty program to help keep my mother’s computer running fast and properly. This nifty program is called CCleaner, and its abilities range from stopping dashboard programs to editing the windows registry registry. Some of these things may sound complicated but CCleaner makes them very [...]