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Effective Free Wifi Antenna Booster

Ever hate how your always getting disconnected from a router? Or there are too slow speeds? Building a free effective wifi antenna booster is quite easy doing it yourself. Using only about five minutes of your time following a guide, and some materials like thick paper, printer, tin foil and glue. The new “dish-type” extender [...]

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Wii Modders Do Not Update: System Update 4.2 Released

To all those Wii modders who have either soft modded or hard modded their Wii, do not update to system 4.2 that was released yesterday. All traces of your bootloader for will be removed from your Wii with the new firmware and most ways to soft mod are blocked. Nintendo’s release notes say: Unauthorized Modifications [...]


Pimp Out Your DSi with Housing Shells

We’ve all heard of replacing the housing or shell of a video game console right? Replacement housing offers a great way to make your console look unique, cool (pimp) and make a fashion statement. XCM offers several replacement shells that are aesthetically pleasing. One that stands out from the rest is the XCM Hyber gear [...]

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