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Apple’s New Secret Line of “I” Products

Just a little comical writing for those Apple haters and lovers alike on the “new secret line of I products”. The I-lose Yes, you own all the fancy new Apple toys. But you only use them to impress friends and strangers, fact is, you are probably too ignorant. So why not confirm it with the [...]

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In the Year 3000…

Today, I thought I would share you some pretty cute cartoons called “Kid 3000″ by Jim Benton. Well, without further ado, here are the cartoons in the year 3000. It’s pretty long so prepare for a lot of loading and some bandwidth use.

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What to Do When You Misplace Something On the Computer

So what do you do when you misplace a file on the computer? I for one, just accepts it and goes on with the 5 stages of grief: Denial – I often deny that it is gone/lost, so I try finding it where it should be in belief that it will be there Anger – [...]

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