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Pimp Out Your DSi with Housing Shells

We’ve all heard of replacing the housing or shell of a video game console right? Replacement housing offers a great way to make your console look unique, cool (pimp) and make a fashion statement.

XCM DSi Housing

XCM offers several replacement shells that are aesthetically pleasing. One that stands out from the rest is the XCM Hyber gear lite. Unlike any other, this shell has a overclocking feature (pretty cool hack and mod).

From XCM:

This is a Nintendo DS Lite case replacement that also adds an overclocking feature to speed up games. This will allow you to play games faster and experience a new level of gameplay not previously available. Imagine playing super mario in hyper mode or playing RPGs at almost twice the speed as normal. There will be 3 speed settings including Normal, Medium and Hyper Speed. Also a rapid fire mode will be added as well, giving you more freedom to play the games the way you wish. You can easily switch rapid fire on and off without effecting the overclocking modes.

Now the process of replacing a DSi housing shell? It can be quite simple if you follow disassembly instructions. Like a computer, the components just need to be placed and connected properly to work. Also, keep in mind to get a tri-wing screw driver as Nintendo has implemented these screws to prevent tampering.

There are many colors and designs to choose from solid colors to chrome. More information can be found on the XCM site (click here). You may also find more designs and colors on eBay by searching “DSi Replacement Shell” .

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