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ClickHeat for WordPress (Free

Free crazyegg

Services like may cost you a fortune. But what if there was a open source script similar to crazyegg? brings the solution…

I myself, am very curious to determine where my visitors are clicking. So I found ClickHeat, which is an easy to install and use tool for your website. ClickHeat creates a heat map to where your users click, just like crazyegg. Now, what if you wanted to install it onto Word Press? Well a plugin I found also brings the convenience of an automatic integration to WordPress.

Download Plugin Here

The installation of the plugin is pretty much dummy proof.

  1. Download and install ClickHeat from here.
    Installation instructions may be found here.
  2. Download the Plugin
  3. Follow the README
    1. Unzip and upload the clickheat.php file into your `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
    2. Activate the plug-in through the ‘Plugins’ menu in Word Press
    3. Test the system by adding the “?debugclickheat” debug code to the end of any page link on your site. i.e.

Note: Verify that your current theme has the code wp_footer() installed at the bottom of the template. And also, clicks from admin will not be tracked (unless enabled).

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