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What to Do When You Misplace Something On the Computer

So what do you do when you misplace a file on the computer? I for one, just accepts it and goes on with the 5 stages of grief:

  1. Denial – I often deny that it is gone/lost, so I try finding it where it should be in belief that it will be there
  2. Anger – I get really angry/frustrated when I can’t find it (even when its the littlest thing)
  3. Bargaining – I try to bargain with myself that it is okay and that I have other things of that sort
  4. Depression – I get really sad that I wasted money, bandwidth, or hard work on something I lost;  I feel upset that I lost something meaningful to me
  5. Acceptance – At this point, it is either found and I’m happy or it is lost and I have to just deal with it

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By the way, I’m just joking on what you should do when you misplace something. :D

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