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Category — Video Games

How to Download Singstar Songs from the UK Singstore

Universal Music Group had recently come to agreement to sell its songs on the UK/EU Singstore. But unfortunately, this will be unlikely extended to the US Sony American Singstore. So how can you download those Singstar songs from the EU/UK Singstore to use on your American PlayStation? Materials required: Sony Playstation 3 Singstar PS3 UK [...]

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M3DS Simply/R4 DS Firmware Update

We all know firmware updates for the M3DS Simple/R4 DS were stopped.  So that means there are compatibility problems for games and homebrew. But there is one solution you may have not heard of. The solution is installing a hacked TTDS firmware called YSMenu made to work on the R4/M3DS Simply by a very talented [...]

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Wii Modders Do Not Update: System Update 4.2 Released

To all those Wii modders who have either soft modded or hard modded their Wii, do not update to system 4.2 that was released yesterday. All traces of your bootloader for will be removed from your Wii with the new firmware and most ways to soft mod are blocked. Nintendo’s release notes say: Unauthorized Modifications [...]