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How to Connect a Macintosh Computer to a SMARTBoard

Connecting a Macintosh computer to a SMARTBoard is quite simple. All you need is the right materials, and some time to follow these instructions.

Connect Macintosh to SMARTBoard

Materials required:

Connecting the SMART Cable to your Macintosh:

  1. Make sure the cable is attached to the SMARTBoard and plug it into the USB Port on your Macintosh (refer to the diagram below for more details)
  2. SMARTBoard USB Cable

Connecting your Macintosh to a projector:

  1. Connect the VGA cable to the adapter cable (only fits one way)
  2. Connect the computer (that is off) using the cable that is attached to the adapter cable (it also only fits one way).
  3. First turn on your projector, then your computer.
  4. Go to the Apple Menu or the dock and select System Preferences
  5. Click on displays under Hardware (monitor icon)
  6. On the Display tab, select the resolution to be 1024X624
  7. Now select the Arrangement tab, and make sure Mirror Displays is selected

    Macintosh System Preferences Arrangement Tab Mirror Displays

  8. Now on the projector, move the ring around the lens until the image fits the SMARTBoard fully. Also adjust the focus ring that is also around the lens to have a clearer image.

Using the SMARTBoard software you have installed:

  1. Go to the Macintosh hard drive
  2. Open the Applications folder
  3. Click on the SMARTBoard software folder
  4. And double click the SMARTBoardService to start the application
  5. Opening SMARTBoard Software for Macintosh

  6. Open up System Preferences again
  7. Click on Ink under the Hardware section
  8. Macintosh System Preferences Ink

  9. Be sure to have Handwriting recognition On and Allow me to Ink in any application is not selected.
  10. System Preferences Ink Settings

  11. Now browse to the SMARTBoard software folder again
  12. Open  SMART Tools and SMART Notebook by double-clicking the icons on the screen and minimize them to the dock
  13. The SMARTBoard must be calibrated to match the computer it’s being used with. To calibrate, push both (black) buttons on the SMARTBoard tray (the keyboard and mouse buttons) at the same time.
  14. On the SMARTBoard, there will be a X. To calibrate, press each X in the center with a SMARTBoard pen. If the SMARTBoard does not seem calibrated right, repeat the process (steps 10,11)
  15. The SMARTBoard should be ready to use

Note: There may be some inaccuracies within this guide. Please comment if there is. This guide was also specifically directed at the 600 SMARTBoard Series.

Feel free to comment if you need some help. I’m sure the comments are working!

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4 Responses... Add Yours

  1. Jesper Rasmussen says:

    My smartboard will not connect with my mac. I only get a red light on the board!!! I think it might be the usb controller! HELP – any suggestions!

    • Kalvster says:

      The SMARTBoard software may not be working properly, or the SMART cable (usb) is not properly connected. On the rare occasions, the SMART cable (USB) may be faulty.

      • Jesper Rasmussen says:

        The SMART cable are working with XP and Vista, when I downloaded a USB-controller from “Profilic”, so it is not the cable! My problem only appear on 2 boards at our school! But I teach on those two:-(
        Maybe you have another idea, what I should try!

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