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The Lady or The Tiger?: Summary, Ending, Conclusion

The Lady or The Tiger?

Well I recently got an assignment to write the conclusion… Unfortunately my instructor did not enjoy my comical writing of the ending (summary, conclusion). But I thought I would share it with the world wide web anyways (I thought it was pretty funny).

Okay so here it is. I wrote it two pages long, and it took a lot of my time. But nonetheless I had fun. :D   If your looking for the story which leads to the reader to decide the decision, click here.

For those who have ever read “The Lady or The Tiger,” they do not know what happens to the fine young man. The finest detail, the ending had been excluded. But there were other details one may not know of, such as perhaps why the strange tarp was covering a part of the wall. Or why the time equilibrium had caused a slight confusion of when the story had happened. These were details where the author had failed to include because of intimidating pressures through the time equilibrium.


Now, under brief explanation, the time equilibrium had somehow used the previous generation (1800s) to overlap the generation in which it had meant to be (2008). It could have possibly the result of the United States (under the almost-ending administration) top secret experiment to contaminate such important statures in history. Therefore, changing how it went, and who had authored it. Now, you may have wondered how people may have known of it in the past, but all was to be erased. The US had programmed spy satellites upon one of their space missions to zap 12 (because time zones or there would be one) powerful gamma rays to earth. Those rays contained slight traces of tritium that could overwrite specific parts of our brain. Unfortunately, before the  administration had time to quickly use the time equilibrium to edit the rest of the story, the new administration came into power (they didn’t believe in this). So now the only time reference that lies in the story is “In the very olden time”. Yes, I know this may be confusing, but this is how in the story “The Lady or The Tiger” supposedly came to be. And now the following conclusion that has been written on this paper, was something the US had created a back-up copy of. This document had been retrieved in early 2009, and may have proved that the US could also predict the future. After the sharing of this story’s conclusion to the Canadian government, it was inadvertently retrieved under “Freedom of Information”.


“Snap!” went the Princess’s finger, and “Whoosh!” The tarp had dropped and a third door was revealed.

“What has just happened?” thought the fine young man… “For has the Princess loved me and revealed another door?… Or is this a deceitful plot to kill me over jealousy?” he rationalized.

The young man, who was peculiarly curious, had chosen the third door. After all, he did not care anymore. For the young man believed that if the Princess truly loved him, she would have intervened her semi-barbarous father no matter what.

Well behind that door, was a package of valuable cash prizes. Something that could have possibly come out of the “Million Dollar Lottery”. He had received a $100 gift certificate to “Abercrombie and Fitch,” a brand new third world clone tube TV, and a used 1999 Chevrolet Silverado.

The young man thought, “Now the prizes, should I take and leave?… Or should I take and sneak the Princess out… Decisions… decisions… decisions…”

After his brief consideration, he had decided to through the prizes into the back of the truck and speed off without the Princess. But he didn’t know the truck had a horrendous history. After all, what he received was a “CarFax” report that said everything was fine. This history included faulty suspensions and structural frame damage that was never repaired. So in turn, he was never advised to lower the tire pressure for more shock absorption.


Driving off to a distant and far away city was fine for a while, until the young man decided to stop at an Esso along his route. He had decided his tires were “deflated” and needed to pump more air into the tires.

“Dang!” confounded the fine young man. “How could they be so cheap to not give instructions on filling tires!” he continued blasting. Then, he mumbled on saying, “Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wing it…”

And so he had filled the tires to what had felt right to him… But leaving the air hose for an extra 30 seconds had caused the tires to over-inflate unknowingly. For the young man had not known that 90% or air compressors were off by an average of 5lbs.


Now, while driving down the highway at too high a rate of speed for the construction zone, his driver’s side rear tire blew out causing him to spin out and hit an “escaped” tiger. Yes, the very one that the King had released to kill and eat him. [You didn’t think they would let him leave with a new SUV, did you? After all, the truth is the “Big Three” cut too many jobs to manufacture one.]

The accident had incredulously killed the tiger, totaled the vehicle and damaged his cornea and kidneys.


“Well, Dr. Jones, I don’t think this young man is going to live,” said Dr. Strauss. “Well, we might have a slim chance if we send out a plea on a worldwide television station.”
“So, should we send out a plea?” asked Dr. Jones.

“I guess,” replied Dr. Strauss.

So the doctors frantically phoned CNN, where camera men rushed quickly to the hospital. They reported that, “Breaking News! A ‘Prince Charming’ has had his vehicle incredulously totaled, and hit an ‘escaped’ tiger. He now needs the gift of life by the donation of the following vital organs, some livers, and a cornea. Thank you for your time folks!”.


The Chinese government inexplicably sent two unknown aircraft types containing Falun Gong harvested parts. While the King’s daughter, naturally agreed and rushed to the hospital.


“No, No, No!!!” screamed the fine young man. “Don’t pull the plug for life support… Please… please… please…” but his final words were drowned out.

The low-security hospital had allowed an angry mob from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). That demanded to know what room he was in. They had stormed in yelling, “Do unto others as they do unto you!” Somebody quickly found the plug, and pulled it. They had fulfilled their vengeance… after an endangered species was killed.

So all was too late; the Princess’s lover was dead. The once luxurious comfort life of the Princess had turned to one gloomy day after another. She had realized that there was nothing in the world that meant as much as her “lover”. And so to this day, she stays in the hospital of where her lover died, hoping that one day he will be revived through science of cryogenics.

Note: I had to re-write my conclusion. I thought it was pretty lame so I probably will never publish it. Please also excuse the errors (this was a copy and paste which was never edited).

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  1. corey chesson says:

    Amazing story dude i love it. Im having to do a criticism paper on the outcome of the story and i am trying to find stuff to prove it was the tiger and ur web poped up and i read ur story its awesome, but to bad my teacher wouldnt accept this answer. Great creativity and tell PETA to get a life. PETA=People Eating Tastey Animals lol

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