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How to Save and Download MP3 Files in Macintosh Safari

Lots of people have been asking me how to save and download MP3 files in Macintosh Safari. When you open an MP3 file in Safari, you cannot go to the file in the top bar and save as. Instead, Apple has made this a complicated thing!

Download Save MP3 Files Safari

So there are three ways to save and download Mp3 Files:

  • Right click or control-click the link to the MP3 File and choose “Download Linked File As”
  • Paste the URL in the address bar if it is not there already, hold option and press return (sometimes this may not work)
  • Drag the URL (either the link itself or the icon in the address bar) to the Downloads window

You may also have troubles saving MP3 Files in the Windows Safari version too. So you can use these approaches to save your files in Windows. But keep in mind, the option key is ALT.

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3 Responses... Add Yours

  1. tamara says:

    I tried to download mp3 files on my mac. did not work. where and how do I right click, control click. what do I click?
    where is the download window?

    • Kalvster says:

      Hey tamara! To right click, look for the key on the keyboard that has ‘ctrl’ on it and press it down while clicking the link of the file. You will be presented with “Download Linked File As”, proceed to click that and you will begin your download.

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