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Free Premium Links for Rapidshare

Lets face it, getting a Rapidshare premium account is not worth it especially when you get more value with  MegaUpload. The restrictions imposed by Rapidshare only make free downloading worthwhile, not a premium account.  So like my list I compiled for Megaupload links , I will supply you with websites that generate free premium links for Rapidshare. So here are the websites.  :)

RapidQuick.Net is a reliable Rapidshare premium link generator. They are pretty simple with no captcha needed. The website may be slow at times to load.

Rapidhoob (
Rapidhoob ( allows you to generate lots more links compared to other sites with a higher limit. may have more advertisements (no pop-ups though) than most sites. But who cares! Right?

RapidShot (
The interface may be confusing first but RapidShot ( does its job slowly and steadily. This is not at the top of my list but if I’m running out of places to generate links, I will use this website.

Warning! You will get bombarded by ads on Rapid8.Com (no joke!). I recommend a good ad blocker before going on this website.

With all those websites, I’m sure there is no need for a Rapidshare premium account. There are millions and billions of websites that can generate free Rapidshare premium links for you. ;)

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5 Responses... Add Yours

  1. bacha jee says:

    RapidShot ( going very nice..
    but rapidirty is not working (not openig).. have any idea??
    prob with rapidquick is that it save a php file not having size almost upto 10k… nt saving the required file?????

    • Kalvster says:

      Rapidirty apparently is becoming Rapidhoob so they may have come into some troubles transferring. As for RapidQuick, it worked for me.. so it could be your browser or their script had glitched.

  2. Amz says:

    Rapidshot work well on my computer…
    rsPLG also good for me but i can only download once daily…
    Rapidirty and rapidquick not working[not opening also]…please tell some idea…

  3. Annie Nonemous says:

    FYI :: also redirects to parking site
    FYI :: RapidQuick.Net redirects to parking site

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