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Category — Web 2.0 – Sound Like an Amazing Singer Even If You Are Not

We’ve heard our share of crappy singers, but now there is a solution with An amazing piece of technology that will turn any sound to musical masterpieces. Whistle a familiar tune or maybe just blare random sounds. Whatever it is, Ujam will find an appropriate accompaniment for it. This is some magic that should [...]

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Watch Movies and TV Shows Online Free Part 3

So you have probably read my posts on watching TV shows online for free, and watching more TV online. Now here is part 3 with another website to watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free. Watch X Online is a good site for never scheduled programming, and free movies/TV shows online. When you [...]

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Hotfile Free Premium Links Generators

So we all know bypassing Hotfile’s wait time is not possible anymore. That is why the only free alternative way now is to use Hotfile premium link generators. So here are the generators I found. I would say the best site for limits because you can download as much as 100 downloads per day. [...]