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Hotfile Free Premium Links Generators

So we all know bypassing Hotfile’s wait time is not possible anymore. That is why the only free alternative way now is to use Hotfile premium link generators. So here are the generators I found.
I would say the best site for limits because you can download as much as 100 downloads per day. only gives you 3 downloads. But hey, it’s free!
A simple generator that relies on donations and does not require CAPTCHA. Though wait times can sometimes be long.

The server of takes awhile to retrieve the file. But it works nonetheless.

Update: So only three of them work now. I will try to find more when I have time and make a new post!

I thought I would share these generators like I have done for Megaupload, and Rapidshare. And if some generators are not working, please comment and I’ll update the article.

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20 Responses... Add Yours

  1. Naveen says:

    Hi sir ur collection is good I am writing the problems with the above collection 1st one i tried to download 150 mb file while downloading it was disconnected 2 times it says error with the server,2nd one website not opend 3rd one it limited its downloads up to 3 4th one not checked. so thats it

  2. george says:

    1st one worked well for 400mb file thanks a lot.

  3. El Nino says:

    I like there are many options like rapidshare and megauplaod. Thank you for information

    the others currently seems have problem:
    503 Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily busy, try again later!
    not work anymore i think (white blank page)

  4. Libyan boy says: is the best

  5. Sara says:

    Thanks for the great list!!! – you’re right, this is the best. it’s working PERFECTLY! (I will continue to use this) – works but downloading way too slow (4.15 kb/s) – doesn’t work; starts transferring me to and then says forbidden

  6. Anon says:

    FYI I just tried all of these and none worked.

    hfPLG said the server was busy. It also popped under some annoying ad page with javascript alert windows. Classy..

    hluSOE site cannot be found at all, scratch that one…

    MegaLeech says something about connecting to “” and shows a “you are forbidden to access this page” error.

    RSLinksGen wants me to complete some survey first, plus is javascript-alert laden.

    If you get a moment to update your post… I tried searching for other linkgens but they all seem to link to the same ones you do, and they all suck..


  7. Alick says: gives 10 for me and fast downloads. <3

  8. sathya says:


  9. Minor says:

    MegaLEECh,eu works for me—–but it is as slow as regular downlaod

  10. Carla says:

    They’re all excellent! The fastest was hfplg, the next being leech (though it’s a LONG wait before the DL comes up.)
    Thank you sooo much! ^_^

  11. Vish says:

    FANTASIC !! worked for me ;) leechgod did not.

  12. gerard says:

    thank you very much with this! i badly need to download this file at hotfile and because of this downloading became a walk in a park…

    thank you very much.

  13. Eric says:

    Thanks a lot bro!

  14. Anjan says:

    the very first i have tried upto 45.655 mb. Hey! it work. 2nd try still left

  15. TheRealist says:

    Works Perfect..:D

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