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Category — How-To

How-To Analyze & Scan Suspicious Downloaded Files

Ever wonder if you have downloaded an infected file by accident? Well today, I am going to show you how to analyze and scan suspicious downloaded files online for free without any software. VirusTotal can help you scan files you upload to them. The interface is pretty dummy proof so I won’t explain how to [...]

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How-to Guide on Cleaning Your Computer’s Dirty Keyboard

Did you know a keyboard can contain more germs than your toilet seat? That is why research shows you should regularly clean your keyboard to remove the dust and clutter that attracts germs. Materials: Rubbing alcohol Cotton swab (e.g. Q-tip) Compressed air (e.g. Dust Off) The simple steps to a fresh and clean keyboard: Disconnect [...]

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How to Change and Customize Macintosh Icons

Macintosh icons help display a specific image so you may determine what program to open.  Changing and customizing the icons of your dock, programs, folders, documents and anything else is quite simple on a Macintosh computer. How to change and customize an item’s icon to another one: Click on the icon that you would like [...]

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