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Get the Top Mac Apps for Free

Last time I brought you “Some of The Top Mac Apps for An Incredible Price!“. Today, MacHeist has released a new nanoBundle that have some of the Top Mac Apps for free! The applications in the bundle in my opinion are absolutely worth downloading.

MacHeist Top Apps Free Nano Bundle

  • ShoveBox
  • One of those good applications to keep tidbits of information. It can easily replace the notepad programs as it can keep images, URL’s, and more with a simple drag to the menu bar. The search function also comes in real handy.

  • WriteRoom
  • WriteRoom is probably one of the worst apps ever. It’s a text editor that supposedly gives “distraction free” writing. But what’s good with a text editor that has no spell or grammar check? You can go full screen mode in a normal text editor anyways, or maybe use Mariner Write included in this bundle.

  • Twitterrific
  • An application to let you manage your Twitter account. It’s a neat app, but right now I think HootSuite suits my needs better.

  • TinyGrab
  • Like Snagit for the PC, this is an application that lets you capture and manage screenshots. But a neat feature that TinyGrab has is that you can upload them to your own FTP server.

  • Hordes of Orcs
  • This is similar to most tower defense strategy games but in very nice graphics. A good time buster where you can spend hours on end playing this game!

  • Mariner Write
  • A very sleek word processor with only the essential things needed to write a report. I find this much easier to use compared to OpenOffice Writer and Microsoft Word.

There you have it! Good Mac apps for any avid computer user to use. Especially for students, and teachers.

Note: Mariner Write is currently not unlocked at the time of writing. There’s need to be 500,000 participants before it is unlocked.

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