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It’s Been A While

Been a While

Hey World! Yes… I know its been a while since creating another post for this blog (micro-blogging was easier on my schedule; Twitter) but so much has happened in the last month…

Studying for finals has eaten up a lot of my time so now that I am finally done (Yipee!), let’s go see what has happened in this world…

  • Michael Jackson is dead
  • A sad thing to hear; he was one of the best singers ever to live. No matter what he has done, we should remember him for his amazing voice.

  • Billy Mays is dead
  • What is happening to this world? Billy Mays (the pitchman of OxiClean) had died unexpectedly in his house. We will remember his talent of pitching anything.

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  • Billions of more netbooks (“mini laptops”) have come out
  • Seriously! Look how many there are, like a few new models coming out every week. I’m starting to think the the general population thinks netbooks are replacements for desktops.

  • I got an MSI Wind
  • Yeah, speaking about netbooks, I finally got into the market. I had chosen the MSI Wind over many other netbooks because of its functionality that other netbooks don’t have like overclocking. If your wondering more about my netbook experience stay tuned for future posts.

  • I finally received an undamaged Ping-Pong Table
  • What’s with shipping companies these days? My “Giant Dragon” table tennis table finally arrived. Now I may finally do a review of how it is!

    So I just wanted to give you guys a little update of whats been affecting me in the past month or so. I’m going to start blogging everyday again. So hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for reading…

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